Train theme

It’s probably not surprising that the train theme is coming into my work since my studio is right next to the tracks.  This painting was made a LONG time ago and hung in my carportIMG_3857 for years. Now it’s weathered and cracked and this is adding to the nostalgic feeling of the Amtrak train that was coming into the Birmingham station in about 1979.





The painting below was made in November 2017 and it features the tracks, a railcar and geometry.

Tracks 2
Tracks II

Digital still life

imageI am trying to get better at digital art programs. Today I used I-draw which has a lot of capabilities. It took me hours to create something that I probably could do in a painting program very quickly. The advantage of this program is the use of layers. Photoshop and other programs use layers so there must be a lot you can do with them. I’d like to get more gradation in the forms.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

In 2015 I took a trip to Yellowstone with my family.  It was a place I’d always wanted to go but I also wondered if it would live up to my expectations for grandeur and beauty.  It did!  I started this painting about a year ago but just recently feel that I’ve solved some of the structure, detail and color issues.  This trail is on the ridge of the deep gorge called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.Yellowstone

New work on paper

It has been awhile since I added new work.  In November and December I worked on smaller pieces in preparation for holiday shows at the studio.  Now it is almost January and it will be challenging to work after school starts back up.  I have two new pieces that are almost finished (sunset/sunrise) but in the mean time I’m highlighting the works on paper.

That Blue