Explorations on paper

I am continuing to pursue my interest in working with ink and watercolor on paper.  I am learning a lot about how the materials interact and how I can use layering, overlapping, color and line to create different moods.

West meets East
Green shapes
Snake party
West meets East II
Homage to Odilon Redon
Study in blue and tan

Train theme

It’s probably not surprising that the train theme is coming into my work since my studio is right next to the tracks.  This painting was made a LONG time ago and hung in my carportIMG_3857 for years. Now it’s weathered and cracked and this is adding to the nostalgic feeling of the Amtrak train that was coming into the Birmingham station in about 1979.





The painting below was made in November 2017 and it features the tracks, a railcar and geometry.

Tracks 2
Tracks II

Sunrise and Sunset

These works are not quite complete but almost where I want them.  I am enjoying working with the clouds and the contrasting colors.  One is a view of the sunrise from the Chamblee High parking lot and the other is a sunset from the studio.  Both are oil on canvas (square).