Mural – Day 1

I accepted a commission to create a 16′ x 6′ mural on a wall of a newly designed technology company in Gwinnett County. I needed to create a very horizontal design. The company’s designer suggested a tree and possibly hands. I was given freedom to create the design. I decided to use the southern live oak as my subject. I found out after I chose this tree that the southern live oak is Georgia’s state tree. It grows in coastal areas. I’ve been captivated by the spreading branches that sometimes touch the ground, the delicacy of the Spanish moss hanging down and the bright green of the moss often growing on the solid branches. These trees live 100 to even over 500 years old. They support many other plants and animals in their branches.

After transferring my drawing to the wall using a projector, I blocked in the branches using dark brown and leaving the wall color for the tops of the branches. I used a lime green to further delineate the negative space and then added a pinkish ground area. All of this was completed day one.

5 thoughts on “Mural – Day 1

  1. I live in Gwinnett. Love the concept so far! Love Southern Live Oaks and Spanish Moss, too. Great first day!


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