Art in the time of covid-19

It’s April 28, 2020. I have to check my calendar because days and even hours run together. I’m working from home right now, although my studio has opened up partially. I’ve taken the time over the last 5 weeks to do a variety of things. My art studio is doing weekly challenges that keep us engaged in our practices and with each other. I’ve really enjoyed these because it focuses the mind and gives me a deadline. Deadlines are very helpful! I tend to experiment a lot in my practice anyway but I’ve come up with a few new paintings that are rather spontaneous. These are both acrylic on 8×10 canvases. I usually don’t work small but, again, it’s helpful with a smaller space at home.

The painting on the left is from a challenge using the Zorn palette of vermillion red, ivory black, yellow ochre and white. No other colors are allowed. I used a life drawing sketch for the portrait. The second painting came from cleaning my palette from another painting session and just playing with marks. An image emerged of two figures.

I would appreciate comments from you! It is fun to create these statements but if often feels like I’m talking to myself. Let me know what you think!