Trying to get it right

While visiting Port St. Joe, Florida, I did a drawing of trees silhouetted against the bay with my bike also in the picture.  I started this first drawing on tan pastel paper, using a combination of colored pencils, charcoal and watercolor.  I enjoyed working on this drawing.  It was quite pleasant to sit under the trees, feel the cool breeze and enjoy the scenery.  But I wasn’t satisfied with the drawing.  I tried adding more white in the sky to bring in more contrast.  It just didn’t work.  I looked at the photo I took of the scene and decided what I really liked was the contrast of the trees against the sky.  I practiced drawing palm trees first because I wasn’t familiar with the structure.  Then I started again, this time in my sketchbook.  I used black charcoal and put in the main dark elements.  I then added pastel to the sky and added some color into the foliage and foreground.  I am much more satisfied with this drawing.  Sometimes you have to start over to get it right.


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