A bunch of colored postcards



The artist (Millie Marotta) who designed these images either was really good at marketing or just made an attractive product. I discovered three other people who picked up the exact same design book (Tropical World). Why are adults coloring when coloring has always been associated with children? I’m guessing that adults suddenly realized the fun and relaxing nature of this activity. Children are given crayons and coloring books as soon as they can hold a crayon. They’re often instructed to stay inside the lines and those that accomplish this task are praised. Some children really take to coloring but many see it as a rather boring game adults often expect them to do when the adults want children to calm down. I’m sure many children would prefer free form drawing rather than adding color to another’s art if encouraged to do so.

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    1. Thanks! Yes, colored pencil. I have a mixture of prismacolor pencils, crayola, and faber castell. The prismacolor and faber castell produce the best color generally.


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